Smoked Fowl Deli Limited Time Building LTB – Crime City

Along with the hectic new Syndicate event we have the brand new Smoked Fowl Deli Limited Time Building (LTB). This appeared almost as soon as the To Die for Designs LTB event completed. This new building has a footprint of 5×7, an initial cost of $30 million and a collection rate of $193,662, every 11 hours. The initial weapons upgrades are pretty nice and first couple of upgrades costs are pretty reasonable. But even with discounts, by the time you hit Level 7 you’re in for $500 million and the push to complete Level 10 is over $2 billion. No matter how you slice it, this is a multi-billion dollar building.

Good Luck!


Level Cost Payout Hours
1 $30,000,000 $193,662 24
2 $50,100,000 $387,324 30
3 $83,667,000 $677,817 36
4 $139,723,890 $1,065,142 42
5 $233,338,896 $1,549,296 48
6 $389,675,956 $2,130,282 54
7 $650,758,847 $2,808,099 60
8 $1,086,767,275 $3,582,747 66
9 $1,814,901,350 $4,454,226 72
10 $3,030,885,255 $5,809,860 78
Total $7,509,818,469

Payout +35% Upgrade -30% Upgrade -51%
$261,444 $30,000,000 $30,000,000
$522,887 $35,070,000 $24,549,000
$915,053 $58,566,900 $40,996,830
$1,437,942 $97,806,723 $68,464,706
$2,091,550 $163,337,227 $114,336,059
$2,875,881 $272,773,169 $190,941,218
$3,790,934 $455,531,192 $318,871,834
$4,836,708 $760,737,093 $532,515,965
$6,013,205 $1,270,430,945 $889,301,661
$7,843,311 $2,121,619,679 $1,485,133,775
Total $5,265,872,928 $3,695,111,048

Reward Atk/Def
Tenderizer 3784/2552
No-Cut Mitts 3548/4335
Afterburners 4204/6306
Scatter n Splatter 7515/6148
Chicken Coupe 8041/9826
Foul Hooks 12718/10404
Bucher’s Smock 10510/15765
Bloody Boomstick 25224/16816
Deli Demolisher 28378/34683
Road Hog 63061/42040

Smoked Fowl Deli Limited Time Building – Additional Stats by The Reaper

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