Battle for Empire City: Financial District Fallout Rewards List – Crime City

There’s a new battle in town and new rewards to be won. It’s the Financial District Fallout Syndicate Battle. Along with the regular prizes for your overall rank, there are tiered prizes for team and individual wins. First list are the individual rewards for battles you win as a player. Below are the battles you win as part of the Syndicate.

Good Luck!

Goal Reward Atk/Def
1 District Fire Axe 70/50
2 Hidden Security Knife 60/80
3 District Utility Belt 70/100
4 Executive Clubs 100/110
5 Office Secret Pistol 120/140
6 Tech Shock Grenade 11/220
7 Hired Security Armor 11/280
8 Bank Security Rifle 180/300
9 IT Bomb 340/315
10 Executive Shave 420/270
11 Office Murder Weapon 440/370
12 Vicious Guard Dog 410/530
13 Bank Break-In Rifle 600/480
14 Financial Mayhem 700/630
15 Middle Manager Car 680/910
16 Office Sniper Rifle 1000/860
17 Financial FBI Vest 800/1340
18 Financial Sports Car 1400/1130
19 Stacked Explosives 1700/1430
20 Rooftop Minigun 1340/2500
21 Financial Hummer 2100/2560
22 Hired Assassin Pistol 3800/2190
23 Bloody Executive Suit 3000/3730
24 Midlife Crisis 4500/3480
25 Executive’s Last Stand 20000/25000


Attack on Financial District Wins (battles won) Reward Atk/Def
1 1 Street Garbage Truck 82/130
2 2 Hired Mercenary Lens 200/182
3 3 Financial Boss Rifle 390/332
4 5 Police Security Holster 500/773
5 8 Financial Police Truck 900/1435
6 12 Safe-Cracker Mallet 2000/2245
7 18 Office Explosive 4000/3428
8 25 Rolex Garrote 7000/5734
9 35 Financial Gold Rifle 10000/13347
10 50 Board Room Splatter 36672/27000
Syndicate (Elite)      
1 Wins (battles in a row) Reward Atk/Def
2 2 Deranged Exec’s Knife 600/461
3 3 Police Targeted Pistol 700/1104
4 4 Financial Exec’s Car 1700/1484
5 5 Financial Exec’s Pistol 2800/2931
6 6 Financial Patrol 4000/5551
7 7 Executives Case Bomb 9000/7979
8 8 Vault Cracker Bomb 20000/11836
9 9 Financial Murder Suit 30000/38979
10 12 The Adventa 84181/75000

Battle for Empire City: Financial District Fallout by Assault and Flattery

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