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The Bulletproof LTQ is out and here’s a quick rundown of the weapons. This will be the first LTQ I skip. I’m simply not interested in spending the energy for the weapons. We have stats inflation all over the place and then we hit this thing. Things are just getting a little nutty. I’ll stick with the To Die for Designs LTB and the weapons it kicks out. I don’t the one listed below are worth the effort. I can do better the other way. I liked the other LTQ we have, but I guess since we all started pre-hitting targets Gree lost out on people spending gold to complete quests. This way they can limit what you do and get some more coin in their own pockets. Hey, everyone has to eat, but some of these events are getting ridiculous. Besides, this is far more of a time commitment than I’m willing to make these days.

Anyway, good luck everyone!

For all the rewards and a complete list of jobs and energy needed –

Bulletproof LTQ Jobs and Rewards List by the Reaper

Level Reward Atk/Def
1 $1087 + 48RP  
2 $1449 + 63RP  
3 $1812 + 79RP  
4 $2898 + 127RP  
5 Armored Camo 530/530
Normal Reward Atk/Def
1 Bio-Suit 37/46
3 Yellow Hanzo 373/373
5 Custom RZC 862/705
7 Biohazard Grenade 1318/1976
9 Heavy M2 2432/2432
10 Suped Hydra 4784/3190
Elite Reward Atk/Def
1 Armored Motor Suit 36/44
3 Technical Sniper VSS 85/85
5 Smooth Ride 221/180
7 Epic Flail 379/569
9 Looking Grim 1120/1120
11 Camo APD 3181/2120
13 Racing Stripes 12125/12124
15 Bulletproof Coat 33665/27544

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