To Die for Designs – Limited Time Building – Crime City

The Limited Time Building is out, the To Die for Designs. The base income is $119,048 and a collection time of 20 hours. Initial purchase price is $10,000,000. This is another very affordable building, at least initially. It’s good until Level 6 and then I’m not so sure. The cost goes up dramatically and while the weapons are quite nice, although inflated all to hell) I don’t know if this is a billion dollar building. And to be honest, I’m not thrilled with the stats inflation we’re seeing right now. Sure, it’s fun to have a weapon with those numbers, but when everyone has one it doesn’t mean anything anymore. I guess this is new direction Gree is heading. Pretty soon Level 25 players will weird 5 million in attack points. Sort of seems unbalanced if you ask me. Those of us playing for over a year now remember having to work, plan and build to get good weapons and defeat other players. Now you show up in a Syndicate event and get a motorcycle worth 8k in damage. It used to be 600k was a staggering weapon.



Building Level Payout Payout +35% Upgrade Cost Upgrade Cost -51%
1 $119,048 $160,715 $10,000,000  
2 $238,096 $321,430 $16,700,000 $ 8,183,000.00
3 $416,668 $562,502 $27,889,000 $ 13,665,610.00
4 $654,764 $883,931 $46,574,630 $ 22,821,568.70
5 $952,384 $1,285,718 $77,779,632 $ 38,112,019.68
6 $1,309,528 $1,767,863 $129,891,986 $ 63,647,073.14
7 $1,726,196 $2,330,365 $216,919,616 $ 106,290,611.84
8 $2,202,388 $2,973,224 $362,255,759 $ 177,505,321.91
9 $2,738,104 $3,696,440 $604,967,117 $ 296,433,887.33
10 $3,571,440 $4,821,444 $1,010,295,085 $ 495,044,591.65
Total     $2,503,272,825 $ 1,221,703,684.25


LTB Prizes

Level Weapon Type Atk Def
1 Barbed Bracelets melee 3710 2472
2 Brutal Bustier armor 3478 4289
3 Beauty Bomb explosive 4122 6181
4 Boutique Blaster gun 7367 6027
5 Radiant Roadster car 7882 9633
6 Kitty Tamer ? 12467 10200
7 Mischief Maker Suit armor 10304 15454
8 Sweet Tooth Pistol gun 24728 16484
9 Explosive Ticker ? 27819 33999
10 Aston Stargazer car 61818 41212


To Die for Designs LTB

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2 Responses to To Die for Designs – Limited Time Building – Crime City

  • mat says:

    Heya, i was wondering if pre-hitting maps was over now that gree is doing the same ltq’s as in MW?

    thanks ans great work keep it up!

  • Don Pedro says:

    I was wondering the same thing. I guess Gree is on to the pre-hitting idea and is making the new events multiple hits on a single building or character. I guess we weren’t spending enough gold the other way. But yeah, I don’t think pre-hitting maps is going to work anymore.

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