Tricks and Treats LTQ Reward List – Crime City

Here’s a shortened list of the prizes available for the new Tricks and Treats LTQ. The XP and Cash rewards have been removed since they really aren’t that important. It’s the weapons we all care about. The Beginners and Normal have some good prizes. The Elite has some nice swag too, but it’s going to take a fair bit of energy to complete that one. Good Luck!


Tricks and Treats Beginners    
Level Reward Atk/Def
2 Costume Colorizer 252/252
4 Candy Snatcher Costume 726/785
6 Electric Shake 1753/1269
Tricks and Treats Normal    
Level Reward  Atk/Def
2 Marietta Mangler Mask 1551/1269
4 Space Nazi Annihilator 1451/1772
6 Ghostface Slasher 2015/2014
8 Kaiju Creator 3143/2900
10 Space Fleet Costume 3949/4109
12 Christine 9025/7090
Tricks and Treats Elite    
2 Skull Cutter 477/631
4 Candy Man Handout 865/797
6 Glow Stick 1264/952
8 Monster Squad Car 1330/1440
10 Slutty Assassin Costume 1829/1495
12 Project Terror 2216/2216
14 Dracula’s Cane 3158/2382
16 Chainsaw Tommy 3490/4265
18 Pumpkin Racer 5086/4885
20 Mask Skullington 7313/9306
22 Brown Bag Surprise 36362/24240


Tricks and Treats LTQ Reward List by Assault and Flattery

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