Arch Enemies Syndicate vs Syndicate event

A new Syndicate vs. Syndicate Showdown Event has shown up with prizes for the highest placed Syndicate as well for individual rewards. Additionally there are prizes for each PvP Tier you successfully complete. To be honest, the prizes simply aren’t worth it, except if you’re a lower level player starting out. Considering the number of attacks you need to complete the tier it’s not worth going up a level to obtain a minor new weapon, at least not to me. As I said before, I’m not even sure the Bloody Barbershop is worth doing. I think I’ll be better off harvesting my cash and racking up another Billion in to hand over to my Syndicate.

Too much effort, not enough reward. No worries though, the newer players need something to latch on to.


Reward Atk/Def
Kingping Killer 112/88
Cyclops Night Vision 139/194
Heartbreaker Dagger 215/184
Power Racer 318/212
Fragger 461/378
Monopoly Hat 503/564
Lawson’s Partner 856/461
The Choker 893/461
Chicago Cruiser 1110/1240
Evil Girlfriend 1548/1675
Mad Brother 2734/1671
Bloodlust Bodyguard 2820/2820
Bug Bomb 4029/2686
Adrienne 3627/4432

Arch Enemies Syndicate vs Syndicate event – brought to you by Assault and Flattery

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