DisplayFusion 5.1 and ClipboardFusion 3.0 are here! Save 25% this week only!

I’m a huge fan of DisplayFusion and not only do I think it’s an awesome program, it’s basically a must have. I’ve been running multiple monitors for years. And now, I have big ass monitors. It’s embarrassing that in 2013 you can’t get anything close to the feature set of DisplayFusion inside of native Windows. Hell, Windows 7 and Vista don’t even have a taskbar that goes across multiple monitors. And to say that Windows 8 improves on the problem is laughable.

But let’s put that aside. DisplayFusion not only gives you a taskbar across multiple monitors, but dual wallpaper, hotkeys, the ability to span windows across multiple screens, you change the Windows logon graphic and a slew of other features.

And with the new version comes a 25% discount. $18.75 for personal or company use (single license) or $26.25 (Pro Personal Home License)

I have a license for work (purchased during their last big sale) and I have the Personal Home License which lets you run DisplayFusion on all the machines you have in your house. And these are lifetime licenses so you get incredible value for money. Also, DisplayFusion is updated almost weekly with new features and bug fixes.

It’s a great program to have.

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