Park Trafficking LTQ Jobs and Elite Rewards List – Crime City

Mission: 1
Map: East Side
Jobs: Apartment – 17e/1xp
Deli – 42e/3xp
(requires 10 loot items – gave me 5/6 drops, I started with 4 instead of 2, probably because I did too many the first time around as the goal wouldn’t trigger immediately)
Loot item: Small Arms Pistol (3/2)
Totals: Minimum Requirements: 136e/8xp
My total: 136e/8xp
Estimate (based on drop rate in parentheses): 136e/8xp (100%)
Rewards: 5xp, Noise Maker (138/154) [melee]
Mission: 2
Map: The Waterfront
Jobs: Seafood Restaurant – 17e/1xp
(requires 12 loot items, I again started with 4 instead of 2– got 8/8)
Loot item: Sushi Butcher Knives (4/2)
Totals: Minimum Requirements: 170e/10xp
My total: 170e/10xp
Estimate (based on drop rate in parentheses): 170e/10xp (100%)
Rewards: 10xp, 200RP
Mission: 3
Map: Little Italy
Jobs: Minimart -18e / 4xp
Armored Truck – 33e / 4xp
(requires 14, I started with the correct number this time, 3– 11/11 drop)
Loot item: Mafia Cars (4/4)
Totals: Minimum Requirements: 198e/44xp
My total: 198e/44xp
Estimate (based on drop rate in parentheses): 198e/44xp (100%)
Rewards: 15xp, Upgraded AKS-74 (203/152) [gun]
Mission: 4
Map: Ellis Island
Jobs: Deportation Center – 20e/3xp
(requires 16 loot items, starting with 3?– 13/13 drop)
Loot item: Hand-made Explosives (5/5)
Totals: Minimum Requirements: 260e/39xp
My total: 260e/39xp
Estimate (based on drop rate in parentheses): 260e/39xp (100%)
Rewards: 20xp, 400RP
Mission: 5
Map: Civic Center
Jobs: Deli – 20e/3xp
(requires 18 loot items, starting with 4– 14/14 drop)
Loot item: Cops pistols (4/6)
Totals: Minimum Requirements: 280e/42xp
My total: 280e/42xp
Estimate (based on drop rate in parentheses): 280e/42xp (100%)
Rewards: 25xp, Semi-Automatic Defender (220/192) [gun]
Mission: 6
Map: Empire Square
Jobs: Electronic Store – 20e/3xp
(requires 20 loot items, starting with 4– 16/18 drop)
Loot item: Stakeout Binoculars (5/9)
Totals: Minimum Requirements: 320e/48xp
My total: 360e/54xp
Estimate (based on drop rate in parentheses): 356e/53xp (90%)
Rewards: 30xp, 700RP
Mission: 7
Map: Docks
Jobs: House – 18e/3xp
Meat Factory – 27e/6xp
(requires 22 loot items, starting with 5– dropped 17/19)
Loot item: Dock Truck (6/9)
Totals: Minimum Requirements: 306e/51xp
My total: 342e/57xp
Estimate (based on drop rate in parentheses): 340e/57xp (90%)
Rewards: 35xp, Anarchy Gloves (275/255) [armor]
Mission: 8
Map: Soho
Jobs: Parkside Apartments – 32e/4xp
Condos – 37e/11xp
(requires 24 loot items, starting with 5– dropped 19/27)
Loot item: Mafia Tuxedos (5/11)
Totals: Minimum Requirements: 703e/209xp
My total: 999e/297xp
Estimate (based on drop rate in parentheses): 937e/279xp (75%)
Rewards: 40xp, 1100RP
Mission: 9
Jobs: Lakeside Restaurant – 68e / 17xp
Condos – 50e / 10xp
(requires 26 loot items, starting with 6 – 20/22 drop rate)
Loot item: Parkside Rifles (8/10)
Totals: Minimum Requirements: 1000e/200xp
My total: 1100e/220xp
Estimate (based on drop rate in parentheses): 1111e/222xp (90%)
Rewards: 45xp, Street Van (409/336) [vehicle]
Mission: 10
Map: Westside
Jobs: Condos (all of them) – 36e/6xp
(requires 28 loot items, starting with 6– 22/30 drop)
Loot item: Luxury Cars (11/9)
Totals: Minimum Requirements: 792e/132xp
My total: 1080e/180xp
Estimate (based on drop rate in parentheses): 1056e/176xp (75%)
Rewards: 50xp, 1600RP
Mission: 11
Map: Shoreline
Jobs: Souvenir Store – 28e/6xp
(requires 30 loot items, starting with 7 – 23/30 drop)
Loot item: Antique Daggers (8/13)
Totals: Minimum Requirements: 644e/138xp
My total: 840e/180xp
Estimate (based on drop rate in parentheses): 805e/173xp (80%)
Rewards: 55xp, Urban Air Recon (510/418) [vehicle]
Mission: 12
Map: Midtown
Jobs: Pawn Shop – 40e/7xp
Empire Electronics – 49e/10xp
(requires 32, starting with 7– 25/29 drop)
Loot item: Surveillance Goggles (10/12)
Totals: Minimum Requirements: 1000e/175xp
My total: 1160e/203xp
Estimate (based on drop rate in parentheses): 1111e/194xp (90%)
Rewards: 60xp, 2200RP
Mission: 13
Map: Artists Quarter
Jobs: Blues Club – 72e/17xp
(requires 34, starting at 8– 26/26 drop, wooo)
Loot item: Crude Explosives (10/14)
Totals: Minimum Requirements: 1872e/442xp
My total: 1872e/442xp
Estimate (based on drop rate in parentheses): 1971e/465xp (95%)
Rewards: 65xp, Machine Gun Music (743/428) [gun]
Mission: 14
Map: Fish Market
Jobs: Tuna Boat – 52e/9xp
Seafood Restaurant – 45e/8xp
(requires 36 loot items, starting at 8– 28/38 drop)
Loot item: Mafia Armor (8/20)
Totals: Minimum Requirements: 1260e/224xp
My total: 1710e/304xp
Estimate (based on drop rate in parentheses): 1575e/280xp (80%)
Rewards: 70xp, 2900RP
Mission: 15
Map: Club District
Jobs: White Winscott – 58e/11xp
(requires 38 loot items, starting with 9 – 29/33 drop)
Loot item: Club Cars (14/13)
Totals: Minimum Requirements: 1682e/319xp
My total: 1914e/363xp
Estimate (based on drop rate in parentheses): 1979e/375xp (85%)
Rewards: 75xp, Heist Gear (623/775) [armor]
Mission: 16
Map: South End Projects
Jobs: Baptist Church – 110e/52xp
(requires 40 loot items, starting with 9– 31/35 drop)
Loot item: Street Knuckles (14/14)
Totals: Minimum Requirements: 3410e/1612xp
My total: 3850e/1820xp
Estimate (based on drop rate in parentheses): 4012e/1896xp (85%)
Rewards: 80xp, 3700RP
Mission: 17
Map: Junkyard
Jobs: Smashed Cars – 87e/13xp
(requires 42 loot items, starting with 10– 32/58 drop– hope I have better luck in later Elite levels)
Loot item: Junkyard Explosives (15/15)
Totals: Minimum Requirements: 2784e/416xp
My total: 5046e/754xp
Estimate (based on drop rate in parentheses): 4640e/693xp (60%)
Rewards: 85xp, Secret Identity (750/1000) [vehicle]
Mission: 18
Map: Auto Row
Jobs: Car Dealership – 95e/19xp
[or 105e/23xp, but why do that dealership]
(requires 44 loot items, starting with 10– 34/40 drop)
Loot item: Car Lot Specials (14/18)
Totals: Minimum Requirements: 3230e/646xp
My total: 3800e/760xp
Estimate (based on drop rate in parentheses): 3800e/760xp (85%)
Rewards: 90xp, 4600RP
Mission: 19
Map: Circuit Street
Jobs: Tattoo Parlor – 105e/31xp
(requires 46 loot items, starting with 10– 36/56 drop)
Loot item: Tattoo Needles (17/16)
Totals: Minimum Requirements: 3780e/1116xp
My total: 5880e/1736xp
Estimate (based on drop rate in parentheses): 5815e/1717xp (65%)
Rewards: 95xp, Chinatown Underbelly Vest (750/1390) [armor]
Mission: 20
Map: Seaside
Jobs: Beach House – 104e/15xp
Tiki Bar – 118e/38xp
(requires 48 loot items, starting with 11– 37/66 drop)
Loot item: Scuba Armors (9/26)
Totals: Minimum Requirements: 3848e/555xp
My total: 6864e/990xp
Estimate (based on drop rate in parentheses): 6413e/925xp (60%)
Rewards: 100xp, 5600RP
Mission: 21
Map: Restaurant Row
Jobs: Italian Restaurant – 94e/21xp
(requires 50 loot items, starting with 11– 39/66 drop)
Loot item: Sharp Sushi Knives (17/19)
Totals: Minimum Requirements: 3666e/819xp
My total: 6204e/1386xp
Estimate (based on drop rate in parentheses): 6110e/1365xp (60%)
Rewards: 105xp, Upgraded LAM (1170/1320) [gun]
Mission: 22
Map: Russian District
Jobs: Russian Market – 110e/19xp
(requires 52 loot items, starting with 11– 41/87 drop)
Loot item: Russian Standard Rifles (19/19)
Totals: Minimum Requirements: 4510e/779xp
My total: 9570e/1653xp
Estimate (based on drop rate in parentheses): 7516e/1298xp (60%)
Rewards: 110xp, 6700RP
Mission: 23
Map: Graveyard
Jobs: Funeral Chapel – 122e/26xp
Flower Shop – 100e/20xp
(requires 54 loot items, starting with 12– 42/66 drop)
Loot item: Graveyard Bashers (18/22)
Totals: Minimum Requirements: 4200e/840xp
My total: 6600e/1320xp
Estimate (based on drop rate in parentheses): 7000e/1400xp (60%)
Rewards: 115xp, Stage Effects (1272/1684) [explosive]
Mission: 24
Map: Financial District
Jobs: Federal Hall – 148e/31xp
(requires 56 loot items, starting with 12– 44/58 drop)
Loot item: Protective Police Vests (10/32)
Totals: Minimum Requirements: 6512e/1364xp
My total: 8584e/1798xp
Estimate (based on drop rate in parentheses): 8683e/1819xp (75%)
Rewards: 120xp, 7900RP
Mission: 25
Map: Packer Heights
Jobs: Gas Station – 108e/21xp
(requires 58 loot items, starting with 12– 46/68 drop)
Loot item: Warehouse Rifles (24/20)
Totals: Minimum Requirements: 4968e/966xp
My total: 7344e/1428xp
Estimate (based on drop rate in parentheses): 7097e/1380xp (70%)
Rewards: 125xp, Chopper Squad (1852/1515) [gun]
Mission: 26
Map: Broadway
Jobs: Opera House – 130e/27xp
Empire Theater – 100e/18xp
(requires 60 loot items, starting with 13– 47/80 drop)
Loot item: Yuppie Cars (23/22)
Totals: Minimum Requirements: 4700e/846xp
My total: 8000e/1440xp
Estimate (based on drop rate in parentheses): 7833e/1410xp (60%)
Rewards: 130xp, 10000RP
Mission: 27
Map: Monument Park
Jobs: Parkside Apartments – 145e/32xp
(requires 100 loot items, starting with 13– 87/165 drop)
Loot item: Hillside Rifles (23/23)
Totals: Minimum Requirements: 12615e/2784xp
My total: 24090e/5280xp
Estimate (based on drop rate in parentheses): 25230e/5568xp (50%)
Rewards: 135xp, Contraband Chaser (5600/4400) [vehicle]

Park Trafficking LTQ Jobs and Rewards List by BigMoney

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