Street Brawl Tournament Event and Prize List–Crime City

We have a new game out tonight, the Street Brawl Tournament. The previous events have been Energy based, but since there is already an Energy event going on, this one is Stamina based. Yes indeed, you can use Energy for the Tell No Tales Event and Stamina for the Street Brawl Tournament. It’s both. It’s all of them.

For this event you get a new prize for each level of players you defeat in PvP. The first round is 10, then 25, then 50, then 75, etc.


One thing you will notice about this event is that it’s backwards! You get the Uber prize on completing the first level, the Street Incinerator – Explosive 3932/2500

From there the prizes actually go down, but hey, you still get a ton of excellent weapons. Gree admitted they made a mistake, but also says they won’t make changes or roll back the items. What you win is what you keep. So jump in and score some of the high level prizes! If nothing else, get to Level 5 so you can get the Executive Coupe and the 30% Upgrade Cost Reduction. There is still some debate on whether this stacks with the Evidence Burner 30% Upgrade Cost Reduction, so who knows. But either way, it’s worth getting.

Level 1 – Street Incinerator – Explosive 3932/2500
Level 2 – Ringleader Jacket – Armor 2530/3505
Level 3 – Mayhem Mobile Car 2341/1970
Level 4 – Chinatown Underbelly Hood) 1431/2100 (I think)
Level 5 – Executive Coupe (30% Upgrade Reduction) 1463/1185
Level 6 – Shrapnel Shell 1150/767
Level 7 – Cage Claw 630/670
Level 8 – Head Smasher 632/468
Level 9 – Golden Defense 312/488


Total number of fights:

Level1: 10
Level2: 25
Level3: 50
Level4: 75
Level5: 100
Level6: 200
Level7: 300
Level8: 400
Level9: 500

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9 Responses to Street Brawl Tournament Event and Prize List–Crime City

  • DTA says:

    It does stack with the Evidence Burner and Striker Minigun. If you have one of the 30% reductions, another 30% is added on top of that meaning you pay 49% of the original price (I think) which is less than half, still a massive savings. It seems that Gree put out a fatal mistake in doing this because now players can raise their stats easily by 10-15k. Not the best considering I still can’t participate.
    And how are your stats going? These weapons are even more powerful than the 10 item events.

  • Don Pedro says:

    Just completed Round 4 for the Chinatown Underbelly Hood. I’ve actually managed to grab a few nice weapons so my Attack isn’t going up by leaps and bounds. It will certainly help out a lot of the newer players and give them a massive attack boost. That should shake things up a bit for the next Syndicate Battle.

    100 more attacks and I’ll get the 30% Upgrade Reduction. That will be nice for the Pagoda, Toy Store and the new Tech Building. That will shave off millions.

  • DTA says:

    I’ve done some searching about the Street Brawl and it seems there is also a Syndicate PVP tournament. I might want to check in sometime soon and see if I could contribute to that and possibly get some jobs done on the Tell No Tales and snatch the Streen Incinerator. Only have 20 stamina though.
    Also, do you know how I can get the 200 gold bars? I wasn’t rewarded with them even after updating. What’s wrong with that? And how are we doing in the tournament? I’d hope to get at least the top 1500 prize

  • Don Pedro says:

    Ok, this is a PvP Syndicate Event. You need to have the latest update installed to see it. I just upgraded and see that your Syndicate gets points for completing the goals. There is a reward for the Syndicate and an Individual Reward. I guess there is another element to this event.

  • Don Pedro says:

    Yep, they stack. Just got the Executive Coupe and it shaved another $27 million off the cost of the upgrade for the TransTech Building. That got me the Code Crash reward so a nice double bonus there.

  • Don Pedro says:

    Even though the prizes are backwards, which is actually kind of cool in it’s own way, this event is a hell of a lot better than the normal Syndicate battles. I feel like I’m participating in this one. Stamina recovers faster and the battles are more engaging. Gree needs to update the Battle for Empire City to be more like this. Or, we could just ditch the Battle for Empire City and just keep working with this. This is better.

  • DTA says:

    I can agree with that. I checked in and actually managed to update the game and snatch the Mayhem Mobile, Ringleader Jacket and Streen Incinerator. Pretty darn awesome boosts those items give. My Sweet Seduction and Blarney Keg Tap are nothing compared to those!!
    Though what still bugs me is that I can’t seem to get the 200 gold. I think you have to be logged in on a particular day, but I can’t be sure. And it seems that the new battle is very likeable…got around 1000 points for us. The new “Syndicate Rewards” may be a new element…what I’m thinking is that the prizes are used by the Syndicate and add extra firepower. Though a top 10000 prize is just plain stupid…

  • Don Pedro says:

    The SansPantalones Mafia rallied and did a fantastic job of working our way through the ranks. Certainly nothing in comparison to Fight Club and Indian Nation, but then again the street I walk on aren’t paved with gold. I actually liked that event. It was a lot more fun to participate in. Plus it was a good excuse to push yourself to go up against bigger players to see if you could grab more points. I’d like to see that event come back again.

  • DTA says:

    I actually did manage to log on and grab around 2500 points. This kind of thing has another bonus: respect points. I’m saving up for Doomsday Frag #2 after purchasing one of each respect explosive, so this kind of event might come in handy for that. I as well want to see another one of these.

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