Red Light District Romp – Crime City

Well this event is finally over. To be honest, I’m just not a fan of these battles. I find them pretty boring. You get to attack four time then have to wait nearly an hour and a half before you can do anything else. So unless you’re willing to spend thousands of bars of gold you basically sit around watching the clock. And for what? Considering the time investment the prizes are pretty lame. The Limited Time Quests are a hell of a lot more fun and you get a ton more out of the deal. I think the Syndicates are cool and the Battles could be cool, but they need some work. There needs to be a lot more interaction. It feels really flat to me and come across as an inconvenience more than something fun to look forward to.

Oh well, that one is over and the next event will probably start before the sun sets. Time to rest up and see what weapons I can get out of the deal.

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