Why does iOS7 look so damn ugly?

I’m a little distressed by this emerging trend of how operating systems look. Regardless of the feature set for iOS7, at first glance, it’s visually very unappealing. It looks like Apple took some design cues from Microsoft and decided a flat and dull UI is what users want.

I’ve said it before, I think Windows 8 is an incredibly ugly looking OS. It’s flat, dull, rigid and the pastel colors are utterly annoying. Microsoft and others spent years developing an interface that had depth, rich color and smooth textures. With Windows 7 we were treating to a glassy style UI with a really nice 3D look to it. We had curves and depth and neat rounded edges. Now all of that is gone and Apple has done the same thing.

I’ve always thought Apple lead the way in UI design. They always had these really neat icons that leapt out at you. They were bright and colorful with roundness and texture. I already miss those days. The Apple launchpad was so cool and when Stardock emulated it with their ObjectDock launcher it became a staple of how I launched applications. Even the Wincustomize community cranked out beautiful icons, sleek and stylish taskbars and interesting designs for the minimize and maximize buttons.

Now that Apple has crumbled and thrown out this gaudy new iOS, I fear the days of taking your time and making a stylish OS are gone. Apple was the leader in design and now they’ve thrown in the towel and accepted this horrible minimalist idea.

Not everything has to be eye candy, but seriously, do we really have to put up with this new style? Windows is ugly. iOS is ugly. This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be. We have more computing power than we’ve ever had before. We have faster graphics processing than we’ve ever had before. Now we have the most bland and boring OS than we’ve ever had before.

It makes me sad.

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