AMD 8-Core 5Ghz

AMD has belted out a new series of chips, the 9000 series (FX-9590 to be specific), which will clock in at the 5Ghz mark. That is insanely quick, especially since this is an 8-Core processor.

I’ve got the FX 8350 4Ghz Black Edition and that’s a blazingly fast chipset on it’s own. This will best me handily. It’s hard to think of what you can do with all that speed and power. This certainly goes beyond a couple of games or encoding a couple of DVDs. That is some big league gear right there.

The chip is scheduled for a "late summer" release and who knows how much the damn thing will cost. No matter what, it’ll be thousands cheaper than the Intel equivalent.

I have no plans to upgrade, but I do have a buddy who’s looking to build a new machine. I wonder if I can talk him into making a build with this new chipset at the heart of the build.

AMD Wins Race to 5GHz with FX-9000 Series Processor

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