Dock Rampage Battle For Empire City Event

The Pay What You Owe event is just a couple hours away from completing and that will kick off the Dock Rampage Event which is another Battle For Empire City Event. The events have been fast and furious, there’s no doubt about it. I haven’t actually completed any of them yet, but I’ve stockpiled some pretty good weapons. Since we started this barrage, I’ve upped my attacking rating by about 8,000 points. I’ve been within 3 levels of completing each event, except the Dockside Mill Madness, which I didn’t participate in. Those buildings were just too damn expensive.

Pay What You Owe will finish in a couple hours so I venture to say Dock Rampage will start around 3-4PM EST. I’m sure it will be in full swing by the time we hit Happy Hour. This should make for a whole lot of ass kicking through the weekend. I just hope I’m not on the receiving end.


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