Dockside Mill Madness – Crime City

As one event ends, another begins. This time we have the Dockside Mill Madness event which is a race to build and then upgrade a new building aptly named the Dockside Mill. The initial cost of the build is a mere $75 million and at the first level you collect, $1,180,000 every 2 days. Wow, that is an expensive piece of real estate and makes the $15 million for the Pagoda look pretty ghetto in comparison.


I don’t quite have enough cash to make the initial purchase, that will have to wait until the end of the tomorrow I think. I have more collecting to do. If the initial cost is $75 million, I can’t even imagine what the upgrade costs are going to be. Getting this to Level 10 could literally takes Billions to complete. I have 10 days so I’m pretty confident I can get two of these built in the time allotted. I don’t see too many upgrades in my future…


Upgrade Cost and Time and Payout:

Lv —– Cost ——- Time — Payout
1 —— $75,000,000 ——- 24hr —– $1,100,000
2 —— $125,000,000 —— 30hr —– $2,300,000
3 —— $209,000,000 —— 36hr —– $4,100,000
4 —— $349,000,000 —— 42hr —– $6,400,000
5 —— $583,000,000 —— 48hr —– $9,400,000
6 —— $974,000,000 —— 54hr —– $13,000,000
7 —— $1,626,000,000 —- 60hr —– $17,000,000
8 —— $2,716,000,000 —- 66hr —– $22,000,000
9 —— $4,537,000,000 —- 72hr —– $27,000,000
10 —– $7,577,000,000 —- 78hr —– $35,000,000

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  • Don Pedro says:

    These may not be 100% accurate, but I believe these are the prizes for the Dockside Mill building upgrades:

    Goal. Item Name – item type – A/D

    1. Dock Guard Gun – gun – 371/305
    2. Dock Worker Gloves – armour – 361/541
    3. Dockside Dumptruck – car – 682/558
    4. Union Buster – melee – 1014/677
    5. Conflict Medication – explosive – 1239/1015
    6. Dockside Security – melee – 1173/1758
    7. Dock Guard’s Ride – car – 1488/2232
    8. Dock Guard’s Pistol – gun – 2541/2080
    9. Inventory Manager – explosive – 3381/2255
    10. Dockowner’s SUV – car – 6763/4509

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