Pagoda Pandamonium – Crime City

I just updated Crime City so I’m already a day behind on this new event. I just build my Chinese Pagoda and the build time is 24 hours. Considering each upgrade will take an entire day there is obviously no way to finish in the time allotted without spending gold. However, it’s nice to have a new building again. I was just wondering when we might see something new. The last one was the Frosty Hideout from Christmas. At least you can get this without gold. $15 million is pretty high, but still in reach for a lot of people. Actually, I would like to see more high dollar buildings like this.

I didn’t check, but I assume we can have two of these buildings? Oddly, I won’t be able to upgrade this damn thing for a couple days. I finally got around to upgrading my Haunted Mansions and that won’t be done for 80 hours or 3 days from now. So it’ll still be days before I can make any upgrades and get any bonuses. Talk about bad timing!

If we can have more than one I’ll build the second tomorrow and get a nice boost to my income. With the time left I should get at least 3 or 4 bonuses. Better than nothing and a cool money generating building.

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10 thoughts on “Pagoda Pandamonium – Crime City

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      What is the building size? In # of plots being taken up by the building…for instance, the meat factory is a 6×6, so is the fancy restaurant…..I plan the placement of buildings by these sizes and with my entire hood filled, I’ll need to sell a building or two and want to minimize the buildings i sell….thank you for your help

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      It’s small, 2×2 I think. That’s what it looks like to me anyway. I built two of them.

    • Author gravatar the same size as the Ice Cream Stands? I appreciate the help

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        My mistake, it’s 4×4, sorry about. Still small, but the upgrade costs are pretty high.

        Level 1 – $15,000,000 – 24hr – $240,000
        Level 2 – $31,591,837 – 30hr – $480,000
        Level 3 – $41,833,555 – 36hr – $840,000
        Level 4 – $69,861,945 – 42hr – $1,320,000
        Level 5 – $116,669,449 – 48hr – $1,920,000
        Level 6 – $194,837,981 – 54hr – $2,640,000
        Level 7 – $325,379,432 – 60hr – $3,480,000
        Level 8 – $543,383,656 – 66hr – $4,440,000
        Level 9 – $907,450,713 – 72hr – $5,520,000
        Level 10 – £1,515,442,704 – 78hr – $7,200,000

        And these should be the Rewards for completing the upgrade:

        Level 1 gets you the Chinatown Underbelly Boots: 250 / 382
        Level 2 gets you the Chinatown Underbelly Blade: 400 / 456
        Level 3 gets you the Chinatown Underbelly Tech Bow: 550 / 627
        Level 4 gets you the Chinatown Underbelly Car: 850 / 755
        Level 5 gets you the Chinatown Underbelly Vest: 750 / 1930
        Level 6 gets you the Chinatown Underbelly: 1500 / 1282
        Level 7 gets you the Chinatown Underbelly: 1431 / 2100
        Level 8 gets you the Chinatown Underbelly: 2800 / 1587
        Level 9 gets you the Chinatown Underbelly: 3000 / 2350
        Level 10 gets you the Chinatown Underbelly Drifter: 5700 / 5000

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      Can you build the Pagoda while other buildings are being built? I started a nightclub right before this event and it won’t be done for like 5 days. I figure since this is a special event people are unprepared for then maybe? I want to know before I take $15 M out of my bank.

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        It acts the same as other buildings. You have to wait until other buildings are done before you can build it. I hit the same problem. My Haunted Mansion was upgrading to Level 10, 132+ hours and then this event came along. I had to wait 3 days for it to finish before I could upgrade. It finally finished and I kicked off the upgrade early this morning. I’ll finally have my first upgrade done tomorrow. Considering there are 4 days left I think I can get to Level 3. But the upgrades costs would stop me from going any further even if I did have more time.

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      has anyone else completed it and not gotten a reward? I’ve gotten one for every level. My husband has gotte nothing.

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      I haven’t finished up an upgrade yet, mine is coming tomorrow 🙂 They are sometimes hard to find in the Loot list, but they should be there. They don’t always show up where you think they will. Maybe someone else has finished an upgrade or two…

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      Will the pagoda disappear from the money buildings menu wen the event is up? I have 2 hours left 2 complete it and I only have $9077992 in my bank.

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