SurvivalCraft? Now this looks interesting

This just popped up over the weekend and is rising quickly in the Top 200 of iTunes. SurvivalCraft is a port from Windows 7 Phone and appears to be a pretty damn impressive Minecraft clone. Now the question is, why not just buy Minecraft?

I’m a big fan of Minecraft, but the Pocket Edition comes across as lacking. There are so many things missing, such as the type of rocks you can place. I know Notch and the Mojang team are working like mad to make the experience the same on the PC and Mobile space, but they seem to have too many hands in too many pies.

I’ve tried other clones and there is always something wrong. Either the movement is too difficult or frustrating or the actual experience is lacking. Most of them look the same so it’s not the graphics, you’re just limited on what you can do.

The YouTube videos on SurvivalCraft look quite compelling. One of them I watched was about trapping a wild boar in a pit. The crafting mechanic looked the same, the graphics looked the same, but the objects you can work with looked quite different. I don’t remember spikes in Minecraft (but then again, I haven’t played in awhile). Maybe that was added when my back was turned.

However, the placing of tiles looked quite good and it looked pretty easy to move around. So the question is, does anyone have experience with this version? If it were $0.99, I’d just buy it and try it out. But I don’t want to waste yet another $3.99 on a came that doesn’t deliver the goods.

I like the way this game looks so is it worth the investment? Will this give me something close to the Minecraft I’m used to? Is the gameplay as good as what these videos make it out to be?

I’m tempted to just get it, but wanted to see if anyone confirm it’s coolness factor first. 🙂

Survivalcraft on iTunes

Update: Just found this image for Survivalcraft – Wow!


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4 Responses to SurvivalCraft? Now this looks interesting

  • Don Pedro says:

    Here’s what I’ve been waiting for, a review from 148Apps. Sounds like it has some things that Minecraft doesn’t, but conversely it’s missing a fair bit too. For example, you can plant trees, but there’s no farming.

    I was going to grab a copy of this for the weekend, but then the Ultima bundle went on sale. Now I’m not sure what to do …

  • Zac says:

    I own and play both games regularly, from what I can see they are a very good game between them.

    Survival Craft has quite a bit of what makes Mine Craft so addictive on the PC. There’s a nigh-infinite world to explore, caverns to poke around in, and a huge variety of things to build. It even has exotic things like logical gates and latches to go with the switches and wiring so you can build calculators and clocks and the like without jumping through some of the hoops that Redstone requires.

    Where Survival Craft falls a little flat is in the ability to gradually master your environment. You can enclose a compound, replant trees as you cut them down (although the saplings will die two times out of three), and even herd cattle with a buildable whistle, but there are no farmable crops at all and the mob spawning routines mean that your cows will eventually escape no matter how secure you think your barn is. There is no armor either, so wandering the world never gets any safer even if you build the best weapons available. Not being able to secure food sources will become problems with hunger and fatigue coming in the next update.

    By contrast, Mine Craft Pocket Edition has a good dozen different items that can be reliably farmed. Trees won’t just die (although they won’t grow either if you don’t give them space), there’s a variety of food items, and you can even take advantage of the world physics to spawn monsters into traps to be killed automatically. There are also a variety of armor types to make wandering around looking for resources safer.

    The problem, of course, is that since MCPE only generates a 255 square block world there isn’t a lot of reason to go exploring, and with hunger nowhere to be seen there isn’t much reason to grow all those food items.

    Both games are fun, both provide a taste of the Mine Craft PC experience, both are technically competent (running smoothly on my ancient HTC Evo Shift, which is more than any of their competitors can claim), and each has the potential to bury the other in the mobile market by addressing their respective weaknesses.

    Which game to choose right now depends fundamentally on whether you find exploring the world or gradually taming it more satisfying. They’ve both earned my gaming dollars (and at $11 between them I consider it money well spent), time will tell which gets to keep it’s place on my phone.

  • Don Pedro says:

    Thanks Zac, that’s a pretty sweet write up! I’ve just gotten back into playing Minecraft on the PC and even though I completely suck at it and the inner workings of pistons, rails, clocks, et. al are lost on me, but I still love the game and will spend hours digging into the earth just to see what it will yield. I end up with all sorts of resources, but neglect to check the guides on what to do with them. I can’t built anything cool and a square hut is my best effort so far. Even with all that, the games are still fun to me.

    Sounds like I just need to get both games and enjoy the differences. And you have to wonder how many new features will they implement over time. Sounds like Minecraft just needs to make a bigger world to make it work all the farming… Sounds like Survival Craft just needs some farming to go with that expansive world…

    I gather you have the same opinion, for $11 it’s worth getting the both of them and playing a couple of different ways. Plus it helps the Dev pay for some new features. 🙂

  • Don Pedro says:

    Touch Arcade weighs in with their thoughts on Survival Craft and quite frankly, Jared Nelson loves it! In fact, to him, it’s better than Minecraft Pocket Edition. Survival Craft offers the exploration and survival aspect that Minecraft PE is missing. It’s a pretty glowing review.

    And let’s not forget, Survival Craft is a one man operation. At least for now. A few more weeks in the top slot and that may change.

    I still need to buy a copy. I think I’ve run out of excuses. For the cost of two bottles of Mountain Dew I should just do it.

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