Construction Box Event with Copper Spindles – Crime City

The next and final event before the Battle for Empire City kicks off again has just started. It’s the Construction Box Event with Copper Spindles. This is a 5, 10, 15, 20 event with some decent prizes. It seems like this should have the Über gun or car rather than the 10 item events, but what do I know?

I’m getting a little burned out on the endless events. I’m all for getting bigger and better weapons, but this feels like an endless quest to spend gold. The events don’t even seem winnable anymore. I’ve spent all the money on this game I plan to, and yes I’ve bought gold with real cash. I think the devs have made a great game and deserve support, but this standing around with your hand out mentality is driving me nuts. If I could actually earn gold in the game I wouldn’t care about it.

But anyway, here are the new items so good luck! I’m still trying to increase my IPH as high as I can get it.


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