I played in OT until it crashed

I pressed my luck as far as it would go. The Military Case Event ended a couple of days ago, but I kept opening boxes until the game literally just closed out on me. I opened about 20 cases without any real luck. It was more of the same with Enhanced Bikes, EU Baton and Carnival SledgeHammer. I was hopeful, but didn’t really expect it to work out. Oh well, both events are done for me. Just hanging around waiting for the next one to begin. I’m going to agree with a lot of the other comments that getting the 10th item now is almost impossible unless you use gold. And even then it seems like you need a Vault of it, which is $100. That’s a bit ridiculous. Hell, I’m not going to spend $10 let alone $100 every time a new event comes along. This game isn’t that cool…

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