Looks like Gree handed over a trunk full of gold bars

I saw a comment about Gree bumping up the gold reserves by 50 gold this morning., but I didn’t actually see that until I updated to the latest release. On restart there was indeed an extra 50 gold bars in my stash. That’s pretty cool! I can get behind this. Gree needs to do this a little more often to keep people interested.

As an aside, I actually had a streak of opens and got to the 10th Tank Key this morning. That gives me the Urban Body Armor, which is some pretty weak sauce for a week’s worth of effort, but at least it’s something. I still think Gree needs to adjust the success rate of the opens. And endless series of BLNT is REALLY getting old. Their idea of Fair Chance and mine don’t seem to jive. I highly doubt the Fair Chance is even 50/50.

Just let us get some decent weapons and armor out of these events and you still have the Leaderboard for people who want to spend the gold on some Uber weapon. That’s still a win for everybody. Give the Top 250, 100, 25,10 and 1 players some massive weapons to battle it out for, but stop fleecing the rest of us.

The other thing that bugs me is the sheer number of “cases” I end up with during these events. I’ve had several hundred of these stupid things and then they just go away. There should be a little something extra based on the number of cases you get. I’ve seen players with nearly 10,000 of these damn things. Why not give me a gold for everyone 1,000 I collect? That will keep me motivated to do jobs and rob other players. That would keep me invested in this game. Or now that some new weapons and armor are based on respect, how about you have over some respect points for all those unused cases? Again, another motivation. As it stands now, once I get more than 20 I don’t care about them anymore. It’s not like I would actually get 20 of them to open successfully during an event anyway.

Watching all the Dev talk about Shroud of the Avatar and how they want to avoid grind has made me realize that even Crime City has massive amounts of grind with very little reward.

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