I’m already sick and tired of this Tank Key event

Crime City, especially this Tank Key event is really starting to wear on me. It’s been 3 days and I only have 6 successful opens. Of course I’m only using cash which explains why I’m doing so poorly. These events are just an excuse to get people to use gold out of frustration or because they want to dominate those leaderboards.

With all of these events coming back to back Crime City has turned into a grind. It’s becoming an endless nag to spend money to keep upgrading. A lot of the fun has just gone. I’ve pretty much given up on this event. I’m going to focus on raising cash for my Syndicate and get ready for the next Battle for Crime City. Not that I really liked that event last time either.

Come on Gree, up the percentage of successful opens without forcing people to spend real cash to get gold. I’ve already put money into buying this game, so I’m not going to buy anymore, but if the game stays this frustrating I’m just going to abandon the damn thing.

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