It’s been 3 years since the first iPad hit the streets

Wow, it hardly seems that long, but we’re 3 years and 4 revisions into the iPad. I remember that first surge of people as the iPad hit the marketplace. People were falling all over themselves to get one. I would have been one of those people, but alas, they sold out far too fast. I wanted to see what it looked like before buying and that was my downfall. By the end of the weekend they were gone and it would be several months before they came back in stock.

But I did get one and thought it was a wonderful piece of machinery. It was small, sleek, vibrant and the variety of software was amazing. I immediately bought the wireless keyboard and used it extensively at work. It was so easy to take notes with it. I also found myself playing tons of games like Need for Speed and Let’s Golf. Pretty soon it was with me all the time.

Fact of the matter is, I still have that same iPad. It’s sitting here right next to me, still playing games, still syncing with Dropbox, still taking notes. I skipped over the iPad 2 simply because it didn’t have enough features to upgrade. I wasn’t planning on getting the iPad 3 either, but ended up getting it as an Xmas present. The iPad 3 is great because of the camera and improved display, but there’s nothing wrong with the original. I still read all my Kindle books on it, Cover Orange, Let’s Golf and Poker.

The iPad has certainly changed the landscape. While there are dozens of tablets out there now, I still don’t think they compare to the iPad. The iPad still has more apps, I think it’s easier to work with and I like the fact it’s just one OS for the device rather than all these variations of Android. I also like that there are so many quality apps for such a low price.

So it was 3 years ago that Apple changed the landscape and ushered in the tablet age. It’ll be interesting to see where we are in 3 more years from now.

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