More levels and more items for the last few hours of the SotA pledge drive

With just over 2 days left to pledge and get in on the action before the Kickstarter project comes to an end, the SotA team has added several new items and even a new level to the pledge drive.

There is the Knight Level with upgraded house and decorations, the Crystal Sword, downloadable content to use in your own projects and house pets right off the bat. I have to ask, what is the Expert Level Crafting Station? It sounds quite intriguing, but what exactly does it do?

There is an Elderberry Fruit and an Immortality Fruit? And I will get both? Bwahahaha!!

Out of those gifts the Crystal Sword sounds really cool, but alas, it sounds like it can only be used once and then it shatters. I find it funny they list you can’t kill Lord British with it. I guess they’re already anticipating ways that people will try to kill him like they’ve done in all the previous games.

I’d actually like to see a unique weapon handed out for each of the higher Tiers. Maybe it doesn’t have to kill things in a single blow, but a weapon that does some significant damage, has a good look to it and won’t be available after the Kickstarter project is over would be most welcome.

I have to say, this is coming across as the most interactively built game I’ve ever seen. I was watching one of the YouTube videos and they plan to have small meetings with people at the Developer level and higher so they can have a direct input into aspects of the game. That sounds wickedly cool! Being able to say whether or not you would use a new feature before it gets implemented or fine tuning some aspect of the game is going to be an amazing experience.

The pledge drive ends this weekend and the team is working hard to reach the stretch goals. They have live video feeds, more Tiers and giveaways, plus lots of new content to look at. I wonder which level we’ll end up at when all is said and done. Say what you will, I think this is going to be an amusing and exciting weekend as they pull out all the stops to get people invested in the game. I know I’ll be tuning in and watching.

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