The Battle for Empire City has come and gone – And I’m Glad

Well, the Battle for Empire is City and quite frankly not a moment too soon. The Syndicate and I did a reasonable job and managed to break into the Top 4000. We didn’t rack up an insane amount of point like Fight Club, but I don’t think any of us spent any gold on this event. I’ll take the C4 and wait for the next event.

On the whole I thought the battle was pretty boring. There simply wasn’t much to do. You landed 4 blows on your opponent or safe house and sat there with your thumb up your ass for the next hour waiting to recharge in the hopes of doing it again. It was nothing like the PvP we have with rivals off the main menu. There really was no level of commitment and the interaction was just plain missing.

It was the first go round so I’m sure it’ll improve, but overall I was pretty bored with the whole thing and was just waiting for it to end. Judging by the tens of millions of points others racked up, they were obviously more invested.

Out of the events so far, I think I’ve had the most fun with the Blood Bowl and Commissioner Freeman Boss Events. Going into PvP battles to earn exploding footballs that could be used against the Commissioner was pretty damn entertaining. Let’s see another one of those…

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