And that’s the end of Google Reader

This comes as a bit of surprise to me. I’m not a huge fan or heavy user of Google Reader, but I do have a couple of heavy article sites listed in there. Considering it’s a free service we don’t have any really reason to complain. I’m sure Google Reader tracks a tremendous amount of junk that people don’t actually read. If that stuff lingers around, who knows how much hard drive space they need to hold all that.

But it’s still a bummer. I like knowing my articles are getting collecting even when I’m not sitting in front of the machine. Oh well, plenty of alternatives out there. I’ll stick with Feedreader and if I miss an article here or there then so be it.

I don’t agree this falls into the Evil category as many say. I didn’t pay anything so I can’t complain too much. And one less way for Google to track my interests.

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