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With the addition of the Syndicate feature in Crime City, I decided to create one of my own with an investment of $25 million and nearly 50 bricks. If you’re interested the code is 465481612. But before you get all crazy let me just say this – if you’re one of those people who buys a vault of gold and spends 1500 bars on events then you are probably too damn hardcore, not to mention looney for this Syndicate. I’d looking to hook up with some people who casually play the game, use cash opens for events, earn some respectable cash from their hood, have a few items to their name and want to invest in building up their defenses a little bit.

I like Crime City as much as the next player, but I’m not investing my life’s savings into this game. It’s meant to be fun right? From the couple of comments that have been left there are some players out there. If you want to build up some forces together then join up. Just remember, bring some cash, bring some guns and offer what you can.

SansPantalones on the Crime City Syndicate List – 465481612

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36 Responses to Crime City Syndicate

  • Denis says:

    Are you allowed to dd Syndicates after you make one of your own? If so, how?

  • Don Pedro says:

    When I go to the Syndicate button there is a button for Leave Syndicate. I’m not sure if that’s what you’re referring to.

  • duke says:

    mafia code: 673 760 949
    syndicate: CX3-ClickClackClan 973 155 197

  • Legz says:

    Waffles is recruiting!!!

    Fight respect payout +15%
    Jobs Payout +5%
    Car Defense +20%
    Building output +20%
    Melee Defense +25%
    Gun Defense +25%
    Armor Attack +5%
    Armor Defense +15%
    Explosive Defense +10%
    Building Defense +25%

    Bonuses are upgraded DAILY! Recruiting for a limited time ! APPLY NOW!

  • DJ Archangel says:

    looking to join your syndicate. can you send me an invite? thanks!

    961 517 677

  • KO says:

    652768944. Over $1billion in bonuses. All defense, respect payout, and building payout at 25%. Let’s do some damage people!

  • BIG BOSS MAN says:

    Original Gangster Killaz (OGK) 109 395 381
    We have invested over half a billion dollars in bonuses. We have 40 bonuses. We have 34 strong players I filtered out the weak and non contributing members. Please only apply if you are of high caliber and are able to contribute significantly to the syndicate.

  • Don Pedro says:

    The SansPantalones Mafia is starting to come together and judging by the banners that are popping up in game, the Battle for Empire City is close at hand. If you don’t have a date for the big dance then come on over and let’s see what sort of damage we can do. We’ve got some bricks and we’ve got some cash and I plan to piss them all away before the big event. Who knows what sorts of fabulous prizes are waiting on the other side, but I’m keen to find out.

    Send me a request if you’re looking to hook up!

    On to Battle!

    But seriously, who the hell has $1 billion lying around to invest in a syndicate? Damn, you people are hardcore!

  • Nick78223 says:

    I am a daily player that plays for fun. I have been playing 2/18/13 (didnt play much yesterday) and would like to start a syndicate. I have already started donating 25 bricks and $14,235. I’m level 21 in 3 days, don’t know if that’s good or bad, but I only started adding to my mafia yesterday.

    443 756 470 mafia code
    790 927 503 syndicate code

  • Don Pedro says:

    The Madame Payne event will end in about an hour, which leads me to believe that either late tonight or early tomorrow morning the battle for Empire City will begin. I’m sure Gree is looking forward to people battling it out over the weekend when there is plenty of time to cause mayhem.

    My luck with Madame Payne was crap and I ended up with far too many Teaser Pistols. But oh well, no gold spent so nothing lost. It’s time to focus on as many bricks as possible and buy my way through the skill tree as best I can. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out and if Gree ties this in with any of their other events.

  • robotic syndicate says:

    203757619 … syndicate robotic … bonus up with daily players who don’t rely upon gold … enjoying and earning the right way

  • Alex says:

    405658427 join our syndicate were throwing our cash in it

  • Nick says:

    The only thing with these events are that it brings out all the nerds… People are so dribblingly sad its scary… Spending £70 every month on an event etc who take this game so seriously they put their real life aside. No one else gets a chance. There’s too many sad clunters in the world who make It impossible for anyone else who doesn’t have a rich mommy and daddy to spend their dollars on to get anywhere decent.

  • Nick says:

    I men listen to some of you… Donating over 1billion game dollars. It’s not normal and its nothing to boast about. I daren’t think how many hundreds or thousands of real life dollars you have thrown into this game but there’s no way I want to be involved with people like that.

  • Denis says:

    The skill tree thing is stupid. I mean, upgrading the building output from 1/5 to 2/5 costs 5 million! Like what the heck? Sure, it gives hardcore people bonus stuff, but still, it’s random.

  • 805SoCal says:

    How do u battle other syndicates if you don’t mind me asking. Do you have to be a leader or where do you click either ways…. Thanks for the help…

  • Martijn says:

    Beste mensen,
    Kan iemand mij precies uitleggen wat een syndiate is en wat de hele bedoeling ervan is?
    Ik ben level 58 en probeer uit te zoeken wat het nu recies is maar snap er geen hol van.
    Kan iemand mij pleasen! Zou dat zeer waarderen…… dankjewel!!

  • madmax says:

    JOIN US TODAY 585857202 !

  • Cody says:

    Maybe a stupid question but does anybody know how to promote a defense leader?

  • Denis says:

    I don’t think you can do it right now. It might be another month because if you look at the Syndicate goal list on the left of ther screen (below goals), you’ll see that only one goal is completed and the second one says progress, and Crime City events take nearly a week to complete. There are a few more and when the Midtown Takeover officially arrives you’ll be able to promote, I think.

  • kevin says:

    God Squad

    Growing syndicate looking for mew members
    syndicate code- 593-834-4013

    Must be active and donate

  • John says:

    wanna join my syndicate, we have great bonuses? Rockin’ Rocks 657021063

  • Annie says:

    Newly Formed Crime Syndicate!
    # [b]751 750 900
    We are currently seeking 15 Members for our new syndicate. We are looking for both high and low level members. We have not yet competed in any challenges but, we will be in the top 400 on the next challenge.

    NO donation requirements
    No brick requirements
    ALL level players
    We check new recruit requests daily.

    IF you are just starting out and need help, pointers or tips we will help you.
    Create the Mafia of your dreams,Join our Syndicate

    James Town Boys
    #[b]751 750 900[/b]

  • Maximus says:

    805996175 – friendly non-gold spending syndicate – if you play everyday join this one.

  • robotic syndicate says:

    Syndicate Robotic 203757619
    Active players, many bonuses and
    no min. donations, just enjoying
    running some game

  • Michelle says:

    Looking for active members to join our syndicate. We have tons of bonuses already. All we ask is that you are active during the battles! 843673921. If there are other syndicates out their that are looking to join efforts in order to become stronger please join us!

  • Michelle says:

    How many members do you have? We have about 20 spots open and many bonuses…..maybe our syndicates can join together to become stronger! All of our current members are active players! Please have your entire syndicate join us 843673921!

  • Manik says:

    I am on level 23…. I am very active player….my attack 8500 and defense 8755…. Please contact me….code 294-581-273…..please first contact me that i have place or not…..

  • BOB says:

    Start Fresh with a new syndicate, Recently left a top 75 syndicate and im looking to help new/old players grow stronger, GreenStreetHooligans, 751-873-215 come join us for a laid back syndicate with officers that will help increase your stats, no requirements needed, Defense Leader with 165,000 Defense!

  • Derek says:

    Our syndicate is looking for active players just having a good time playing a cell phone game. Donate money and bricks when you can. If interested our name is gorillas in the mist 349304128.

  • Crime city syndicate says:


  • Frey says:

    Hello Guys looking for active players for our mighty syndicate Trophys –
    at the moment were at the amazing ammount of 33 bonuses ! including melee attack and armor attack –

    We keep the right to decline every player that has under 35.000 attack and 35.000 defense –
    Otherwise join us now in the NeXT battle for empire city ! =)
    44 99 35 034 !!

  • stvo says:

    Im an everyday player looking to join a strong syndicate… I have 350k in defense and 310k in offense please drop me a line and leave your syn code… My code is 159073039 thanks guys and gals… level 56

  • Shari Caudill "Shades & Shades7" says:


  • J-Dogg says:

    Need ACTIVE players. These LTQs and SLTQs are pretty much impossible unless you have a lot of REAL money!

    I’m level 99

    We have:
    +15% melee def
    +15% building def
    +10%gun def
    +5% respect

    and loads more coming now we’re earning more cash. you must make the odd donation and not freeload off our success!

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