I don’t want Free Apps, I want to pay for them

All this news about Real Racing 3 leads me to believe that you should just charge a fee for games in the App Store and be done with it. Nothing good ever came from these supposed free games. Zombie Farm was a great little game that was ruined by the need to spend gold to get the brains in order to buy items. Within a day or two you hit the wall and this cool little game was ruined. Gameloft ruined Let’s Golf 3 with the same mentality of ripping off customers left and right with the need to buy energy in order to keep playing the game. The same problem for Dungeon Hunter 3. Gears and Guts was another great little game ruined by incessant in-game greed. And Big Win Football. The list is becoming far longer than it should be.

What the hell happened to the idea of just charging me a decent price for a decent game and letting me play it without you nagging the crap out of me? I wanted to pay for all those games, but I’m not going to be coerced into doing it. Give me a good game and I will pay for it. People always claim they want things for free, but as we all know, nothing comes for free. Show me one great game that is completely free.

I don’t mind paying for software on the iPad at all. Gaming is far cheaper on this platform than anything else. Paying $6-10 for an beautifully rendered game is a huge saving compared to $50-60 for the console of desktop PC. I like Need for Speed and Asphalt and Real Racing and Dungeon Hunter and A Bard’s Tale and Cover Orange and Monopoly and plenty of other games. I’ve spent plenty on a slew of games that have been great and not so great. I even have Real Racing and Real Racing 2. But I won’t be getting Real Racing 3. I don’t want to be held hostage by a game and forced to spend money to get a certain car or complete a certain objective. I want to play the game and be happy with my purchase and don’t want this constant intrusion asking me for money. This doesn’t fly with desktop games so why should it be allowed in the mobile gaming world? Users need to be defiant and say no. Companies like EA and Gameloft need to stop.

Make a decent game and let me buy it. I don’t want your free crap.

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