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If you use multiple monitors then you need DisplayFusion. This incredibly useful apps lets you span windows across multiple screen, sets a different wallpaper for each monitor one image across all of them, gives you a taskbar for each monitor and allows a great deal of flexibility in how your system behaves in a multimon configuration. I’ve had DisplayFusion for a couple of years now, installed on both my home machines and on my work machine, and simply wouldn’t use multiple monitors without it. This is the type of program that Windows should have had when XP was launched.

Get 30% off DisplayFusion


There are many exciting new features, changes, and bug fixes in this version. We’ve added new online wallpaper sources (including our very own WallpaperFusion), support for third-party Start menu replacements in Windows 8, full taskbar jump lists, Windows 8 Tweaks and much more! For a more detailed list of the changes, please see the full DisplayFusion Change Log.

DisplayFusion 5.0 fully integrates with our own image provider, WallpaperFusion. From the Desktop Wallpaper window, you can browse and search the WallpaperFusion image library and select a single image. You can also specify search criteria and have DisplayFusion automatically load random images from WallpaperFusion on a specified time interval.

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