The Great iPad Purge

I’ve had my original iPad since 2010 and have installed a ton of apps and games. Sadly, I haven’t removed any of those apps or games and now the device is stuffed full of things I don’t use. And by don’t use I mean apps I’ve never started or started once and then moved on to something else. It was time to take action and get rid of all the junk.

The first thing to go were just about every Gameloft game I ever bought. I tossed out Iron Man, Spider Man and a bunch of others. I kept Let’s Golf 1 and 2 because I actually like those games. The rest are garbage.

The next to go were some holder iPod apps. What the hell are those doing in there? There was actually more than one which is a little distressing. So those had to go.

And then I went through and removed all the games I haven’t played in a long time. Overall several gigs and a dozen apps were cut. And I’m not quite done. I’m going to go through each app and see if I really want to keep it. I have seriously got some junk on this thing. Let’s not forget, I still have to go through apps like GoodReader to see what PDF files I can remove from there. This is as bad as cleaning up a Windows machine.

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