AMD and Apple are both coming in under the mark

Making $5 billion in revenue would normally be considered a success, but for AMD it’s sadly barely enough to keep above water. And that’s a damn shame because I like the AMD chipset, in fact my last two desktop machines are AMD machines with a 4-core and 6-core processor. I also have two laptops that are AMD powered. They are just as capable, but cost less than their Intel counterparts. In fact, I’m looking at building an AMD 8-core FX 8350 system later on this year. A friend I work with is already building the same system. As soon as the power supply and memory come in, it will be assembled. I hope AMD is going to still be around when I want to build my rig.

And speaking of coming up short, Apple is now showing signs of weakness. Their stock has dropped from $700 to $400 a share. That still gives them $400 billion in market capitalization which is an astonishing amount of money. Apple may have dropped to second place, but I think people need to think realistically about this. If a company makes $54 billion a year is a success no matter what you do. It’s almost impossible to sustain that kind of growth year after year. I don’t disagree that Sumsung has given Apple a kick in the privates and is coming on like gangbusters in the tablet arena, and that Apple maps was a dud, and that iPhone 5 never should have been made, but Apple still has dozens of markets to conquer and has a few more products to offer. They have taken a step back that’s for sure, but their stock is still $400 a share and they have more cash on hand than most countries.

Too bad our government doesn’t have the kind of cash reserves that Apple, Microsoft, Google or Amazon have. Then we’d have something! Our government loses over a billion dollars a day and no one seems to raise an eyebrow. The companies we rely on for jobs and technology miss their earnings by a billion dollars (even though they made 50) are considered to be in dire straights and on the verge of collapse. We might need to rethink our decision making paradigm.

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