Surface Pro will fall flat on it’s face Feb 9th

The new Surface Pro PC in tablet form factor will be on the streets February 9th for the low price of $899. The Pro will offer support for Windows applications rather than just the scaled down RT apps. But is this really a worthwhile thing? None of the apps are actually written to be Touch enabled. I’ve seen people use the Surface and you still have to manipulate it like a PC. You have to use the attached keyboard and mouse to scroll the pointer around the screen and click objects. It’s not gesture based, it’s not completely Touch aware and it doesn’t appear to be catching on.

Samsung has already said it’s not making Surface tablets and other PC makers are at odd with Microsoft over what to build. Windows 8 has not been the Golden Child MS said it would be and acceptance is coming in very slowly.

I see iPads and Android tablets everywhere, but Surface tablets are few and far between. In fact, I only know one person who has one and he doesn’t count because he’s a former MS guy.

Tablets are great devices, but I honestly don’t think Microsoft has a winner on their hands.

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