Samsung Loses Interest in Windows RT Tablets

Another blow to the Windows 8 Tablet – Samsung has decided making a Windows 8 tablet isn’t worth the trouble. Samsung also states there is no clear definition and direction for the Windows 8 tablet.

You have to wonder how other companies feel about the Windows 8 tablet and Windows 8 in general. Sales and reception of the new OS have been pretty lean so far. Maybe people are holding out for the Windows 8 Pro, but considering the price point I don’t think people are going to jump for that device.

iOS and Android are still the favored platforms for users. Ubuntu entering the mobile arena is going to gain more interest than Windows 8 will.

Microsoft has to realize that a PC in a different case is still a PC. Windows 8 isn’t really meant to be used without the attached keyboard and mouse. Microsoft didn’t develop a truly touch read device. It’s a clumsy hybrid.

You also need to keep in mind that PC sales are slumping and Windows 8 is taking a hit in the desktop market as well. Simply put, Windows 8 isn’t the mighty splash Microsoft has been touting. Again, is Windows 8 a slow burn? Will it gain steam in the next 6 months or is it just not worth the upgrade?

Samsung Loses Interest in Windows RT Tablets

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