Gears and Guts – Look at the Carnage!!!

It’s Blood on the Highway Baby!!!

The graphics and description made me want to give this one a try and the resultant splatterfest has left me with a huge smile on my face!

The main point of Gears and Guts is to survive the zombie horde and you do so by outfitting your various cars with massive weapons and armor. You then drive missions to earn bolts, extra armor, cars and other prizes. It’s part driving Sim, part juvenile antics of running things over. But damn is it entertaining. The large spinning blades you attach to the door panels pulverize the zombies, while the rocket launcher on the room blows them limb from limb.

It takes a little while to get going, but pretty soon you can be behind the wheel of a hazmat truck, fire truck, cement mixer, hearse or one of the many other mechanized weapons of death the game offers.

The graphics are simple, but well done. The steering is easy and powersliding through hordes is funny as hell. The cut scenes of your carnage combos are hilarious! The splattering and bursting sounds will make you laugh, I guarantee!

Sure, this is a freemium game which means they’re looking for money and ultimately you’ll hit the wall and the game will nag you for cash. But, until that happens, there are plenty of hours to be had running over zombies and staining the streets of the fair city red.

It’s so deliciously twisted and worth the download just to check it out.

Gears & Guts

iPad Screenshot 1

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