Gun Locker Event – I got all the pieces

Well, ain’t this something. I actually got all 10 rifle pieces before time ran out. I’m simply stunned. Most of the time I come away with nothing, but this time I managed to get the Big Rifle. I also got a couple of cars and some decent armor. And, I didn’t spend any gold on it.

I reached the end for Willie King. I got through Level 11 and now I don’t have quite enough to make 12. I’ll see if I can buy something with a little Boom Boom just to finish one more level. I could spend a couple million on weapons, but I have the feeling it won’t be quite enough. I’ll have to be content with the loot I’ve gotten so far.

I like the Gun Locker event a lot more than the others, at least there were more items to get for the effort.

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