Big Win Football turned into a Big Lose

imageI’m no fan of the freemium game and feel this sort of development leads to half-baked games that spend more time nagging you for money than offering a fun gaming experience. Gameloft has proven this time and time again (Let’s Golf 3 and Asphalt 7), with Electronic Arts following close behind. However, after trying Crime City and enjoying it, I got suckered into playing Big Win Football.

On the surface the game has great appeal; you buy packs of football cards which contain players, skill cards, big impact card and contract extensions. You make players better with skill cards, keep them on your team and playing at their best with contract extensions and give yourself special abilities during the game with the Big Impact cards. It all sounds quite enjoyable and for about 10 minutes it is. Then you run out of coins and piss away the rest of your time watching videos to try and replenish your supply so you can keep playing.

The game play is interesting, the cost of the Silver games packs is disproportionate to what you earn for winning games and being forced to watch videos or spend real money to buy a commodity that will be gone within 10 minutes is ridiculous.

There is no real way to earn enough point to guy the Silver game packs. You earn 100 coins for winning a game, which is less than the cost of the Bronze pack. Basically, there is no way to get ahead of the curve. After the first day I was disappointed with how the game played. By the end of the second day I was too frustrated with the mechanics that I deleted it. There’s just no way to have a good time playing this based on how it works.

This could have been a very amusing and fun game, but it’s been ruined by the greedy antics of the devs to force you to spend money. If you try to play it as a free game your team will suck and you’ll be broke before you finish competing in the "Daily Bowl".

This is yet another game that would be great to buy and play. But the play for free mechanics are horrible and so off balance that the game comes across as utter trash.

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