Haunted Mansion in Crime City

I bought the Haunted Mansion in Crime City! The damn thing is still there even after the sale is supposedly over. Sure, it’s costs 100 gold, which is like $10 or something in actual money, but the upgrade costs are free (for the time being) and it can make up to $40k per hour! It will take over 2 weeks to complete all the upgrades to level 10, but if I actually get the damn thing to finish that will be tremendous amounts of cash. And what the hell, it’s a Haunted Mansion! I managed to get the rest of the gold and make it to 100 by using TapJoy and installing a couple of apps along the way. I doubt I’ll ever have that much gold again, but there is always the next sale.

I now have two of them and the upgrades are free. I have one at level 3 and the other is level 2. By tomorrow morning I should be making $10k an hour between them. After building haunted house #2, I spent the $1 million in cash to buy the Beach Nightclub and will get a couple thousand and hour from that. If I get these things upgraded the way I want I should be able to make nearly $1 million a day. It’s a complete waste of time and money to mess around with, but it amuses me.

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