Onward Clockwork Angels


Clockwork Angels [+digital booklet]Despite the wind and rain, Rush will be in town tonight for their Clockwork Angels Tour. It was June of 2011 when we jumped into the Time Machine and went on a tour of Moving Pictures. This time we’re off on a Steampunk adventure across a wild landscape with an ever present Watchmaker who works to control everything. I wish I would have read the accompanying book before going into this tour.

I have fond memories of last year show. Both of them. We went to both the Greenville and Greensboro shows. I remember that cozy coffee shop went to before the show. I remember that glimpse of Neil’s motorcycle parked outside the arena. I remember the amazing guitar playing, the funny antics, the stunning drum kit. And let’s not forget that that strange spill right behind us.

I have no doubt this will be an amazing show. Too bad it’s not actually Halloween night! It still astounds me that after all these years the albums are still coming and the they’re still out doing tours. That can’t be easy, especially after you’ve been doing it for more than 30 years.

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