Massive Website Audit

Here is an interesting tidbit, I used CoffeeCup Sitemapper to do a an audit of every link on a couple of sites. Turns out, there were multiple problems. I had IIS config problems, broken links, missing HTML files, pages that didn’t load, links that went nowhere and a few other problems. I even saw that a few of pages were malformed because of improper HTML code. I’d left off the opening or closing bracket and the page rendered rather poorly. I wish I would have used this earlier.

Sitemapper actually goes through every link and gives you a status report for those links. It’s pretty damn thorough and quite enlightening. You normally use a Sitemapper to create an HTML version of your site, but I used it just to see if everything worked. Turns out, I have some broke ass sites. I bought this tool awhile back at a really discounted price. Seems I need to use it a little more often to make sure I don’t break stuff.

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