Big Gold Sale for Crime City HD

It goes against everything I normally, but Crime City is having a 40% off sale on gold and cash as an in-app purchase. Now, I hate in-app purchases, I think it’s a pathetic way to fleece people out of money. Gameloft and EA have become notorious for making substandard games and then charging people to advance within the game. That’s total crap. Let’s Golf 3 is a prime example of example of how NOT to make a game.

Crime City is different though. I wish they would just let me buy the game outright, but you can’t do that. Since I’ve been playing this game for months now and I see no signs of stopping, I decided to buy some gold to reward the devs for the game. This has become one of my favorite games. I actually find the gameplay to work very well. I like the idea of buying a building and waiting for it to complete. I don’t mind upgrading a building and checking back later to see if it’s done. I prefer casual games and this lends itself very well to my style of play. I like Sim games and setting things in motion and then checking back later works really well for me. I like investing 10-15 minutes and then coming back a few hours later to see how things are going. With that, I thought it only fair to buy some gold so I can pay for the game. Since I’ve played the game for free for months, getting a 40% discount works for me.

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