A few minutes with Artisteer 4.x

Spent some time with Artisteer. There are some parts I like, and others I really don’t. I don’t like that it doesn’t start out with a standard blog layout. It also tries to make it look like a magazine with columns and blocks and the text flowing in all manner of chaotic ways. I just want the standard look and feel of a blog. I like the way it used to look and these new ones are a little too flat for my liking. I’m sure it can all be changed and tinkered with, it will just take time.

I don’t like this idea of jamming as much text onto the page as possible and turning the page into a treasure hunt as you try to find the next block of text. It might be good for SEO, but it makes for a damn hard read. I will update my sites using 3.x and then tinker with 4.x as we progress. I’m sure it’s cool as hell, but it might be way beyond what I need for a simple blog. I’m sure once I get used to it again, it will be cool.

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