Here comes the Apple Live Event

So today we’ll see the split of Apple and Google (is the love really gone?), perhaps a new iPod Touch and dare we ask for something related to the Apple iPad Mini…

Well that was underwhelming as hell. The iPhone 5 has some interesting tweaks, but nothing I would call exciting. iTunes is only marginally better than before, but I haven’t used iTunes in almost a year now. Since the iPad can activate over the air I simply don’t have a need. But I think the biggest disappointment was the iPod Touch 5. The camera is better but nowhere near what the iPhone has. The Touch 4 was too damn small and delicate feeling as it was, making it lighter and thinner was completely unnecessary. It should have had the 8MP camera, been bigger with more battery life, plus the same processors as the Phone.

So once again, I don’t see a reason to upgrade. I was hopeful that the Touch would have some vast improvements and put it in line with the Phone. Alas, that didn’t happen this time around.

I didn’t expect to see much change in the Phone, after all, it’s a phone, what more can you do with it? But the Touch has plenty of room to grow, but they didn’t seem to give the Touch any significant upgrades.


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