Norton Internet Security 2013 on the way

NIS 2013 is right around the corner. The beta is closed and Amazon is listing 2013 as a pre-order. However, it’s not the software that’s important, but the CD Key. As long as you have an active subscription you’ll get the latest version of the software. This mean now is the time to strike and grab a copy of NIS 2012 for a mere $20, rather than wait and get 2013 for $79. You can either get the Digital Download version for $20 or the Boxed version for $22. Considering all the viruses and havoc that’s going on out there, I say buy now while the price is low and upgrade to 2013 within the next week or so. You’ll save yourself quite a bundle.

Norton Internet Security 2012 – 3 Users [Download]

Norton Internet Security 2012 – 1 User / 3 PC

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