Bank of America can #@ck my $%ck!!

It’s taken far too long to get to this point, but I finally made it. I’ve finally scraped the putrid monkey of Bank of America off my bank and settled my debts with this pathetic company. I made the mistake of using this card for some small business purposes back when it was MBNA. Much to my dissatisfaction, BoA took over the loan and proceeded to cause me great distress. They continually raised the interest rate to loan shark amounts. Their customer service is horrible and all they want to do is scam you with hidden fees, hit you with convenience fees and rob you at every turn.

But I’m through with these bastards. The final payment has been sent and this horrible company can shove it. The only thing left to do is cancel the account and act like none of this ever happened. I will never do business with them ever again under any circumstances. You truly would be better off visiting a loan shark.

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