Has Microsoft lost it’s Mojo?

I find this article pretty interesting and pretty accurate. I don’t agree with everything it has to say or that all the blame should be placed on Ballmer, but it does reveal a lot. I won’t go so far as to say Ballmer has run the company into the ground, but he hasn’t exactly grown the business since he took the helm. Under his guidance there has been one misstep after another. Since Ballmer took charge, the stock hasn’t been able to stay above $30 a share. During that same time, Apple has been able to reach nearly $600 a share.

So would Microsoft be better off if Ballmer stepped down? Only way to find out is for it to happen and see.

This sums things up pretty nicely:

In those years Microsoft had stepped up its efforts to cripple competitors, but—because of a series of astonishingly foolish management decisions—the competitors being crippled were often co-workers at Microsoft, instead of other companies. Staffers were rewarded not just for doing well but for making sure that their colleagues failed. As a result, the company was consumed by an endless series of internal knife fights. Potential market-busting businesses—such as e-book and smartphone technology—were killed, derailed, or delayed amid bickering and power plays.

Microsoft’s Lost Decade

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