50,000 Shoutcast stations and counting

I’ve been completely taken by surprise. There’s something like 50,000 Internet radio stations out there. I spent hours just typing in random topics and artists just to see what I’d get back. I’m stunned at the results. I listened to Darkness Radio and their trip to Romania. I have a hard time believing any of their ghostly tales, but it was still very interesting and entertaining. I’d be up for a trip to Romania. I think I’m on a to a pretty decent Alarm Clock Radio, MP3 player and Shoutcast player. It has the very generic sounding name of Alarm Clock Radio HD. It looks like an old radio and has lots of features. There is another app, TuneIn Radio, which looks awesome as well. It hooks into Shoutcast and Podcasts from a single app. That’s a hell of a lot of entertainment right there. And for $0.99?

This might be what I’ve been looking for.

I also broke down and got the first Phryne Fisher Mystery, Cocaine Blues as an Audiobook. Wow, the story is vastly different than the TV show. Dot isn’t quite the same sweet slice of pie in the book as she is in the TV show. Standing on the corner seeking vengeance with a chef knife in your hand? That’s a different take.

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