Malware infiltrates the work environment

Looks like something has snuck into our corporate computers. I’ve heard a couple people complain about machines behaving poorly and random websites opening. You know, I’m not even sure what the hell we use for AV. Apparently it’s not that good.

I just bought a copy of SuperAntiSpyware for $20. That’s the lifetime license. That should keep the evildoers at bay. If you haven’t bought a copy, I seriously recommend it. It has a funny name, but it does a damn good job. $20 for a lifetime license? Yeah, that works for me.

Got my Rush tickets! Ticketmaster had another presale. Tickets should be pretty good, they cost me enough. But hey, that’s the cost of being a fan some times. Should be a fun show, and right before Halloween too. At least it won’t be stinking hot!

By the way, I’ve been watching a lot of excellent bike racing on YouTube. There are some great clips up there. Not sure if they’re supposed to be up there, but I’m not going to argue.

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