AirPlay hasn’t turned out to be quite as stable as I’d hoped

I got the Apple TV, hooked it up and got it on the network in less than 5 minutes. Most of the time was spend typing in network passwords using the rather awkward remote that comes with it. But, undeterred, I got it all up and running. It was working great until I tried to play Need for Speed on it. The game came right up, but the display was choppy as hell. Is that my network flaking out or interference from all the WiFi hotspots in the neighborhood?

Sure, I have multiple machines hooked up through WiFi, but I didn’t think the connection speed would be this bad. Clearly, more investigation is needed. If I just play music or start a regular app it all seems to work fine. I even tried Real Racing 2 HD which is supposed to be optimized for this sort of thing, but it didn’t want to work for me either. I’ll have to see if I can clean the line and get this working correctly.

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