iPad cases and the Apple TV

Bought some cases and an Apple TV to go with my iPad. I bought one case, and then found another I would like to try. While I was messing around with Amazon I decided to go ahead and buy the Apple TV. The idea of playing games on the big screen is pretty appealing. Plus it plays Netflix and I can stream music and movies from the iPad directly to the TV. I figure for $99, it’s worth messing around with.

I also picked up my renewal for NIS 2012 for less than $25 and managed to grab one of the Sandisk Cruzer 32GB thumbdrives for less than $25. It may be slow of the write speed, but toting around 32GB in your pocket isn’t a bad idea. I can’t keep filling up the iPad using AirDisk now can I?

And I got a 10 port USB hub. All these damn external drives and taking up all my slots!


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