Wow, these new iPad cases suck!

Bought some cases for the iPad, I have to say, that’s the most disappointing thing about this new device – the cases suck! The original iPad case was just about perfect. It opened like a book to protect the screen, it completely enveloped the device so it wouldn’t slip out of your hand or get scratched, the material was easy to grip even playing those intense racing games, it had the neat flap that folded over the device and kept it snugly in place so it couldn’t slip out, and it gripped the glass face just enough to be secure, but still be out of the way.

Can they make something that cool for the iPad 3? Hell no! They have those stupid SmartCover that don’t protect it at all, leave the back completely exposed and don’t provide any support or grip when holding it from the back. I bought some rubberized case which should protect it for the moment while I try to find something better. It amazes me how much the devices cost and the cases are so crappy.

Seriously, why didn’t Apple just update their case for the iPad 2 and 3?


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