I just got the iPad 3!!

I said I wasn’t going to get one, but somehow I managed to end up with an iPad 3. So far it’s been pretty cool, I like the voice dictation the speed is impressive and the graphics are pretty cool. In fact I’m writing this blog post without touching the keyboard. The only thing that annoys me is the fact that nobody makes a decent case for it. I bought two cases from Amazon and I don’t like either one of them. Why doesn’t anybody make the original iPad case in an iPad 3 format?

I also bought the Apple TV so that I can play games on the big screen. Airplay is a little finicky at times but overall I think it’s pretty neat. I wanted to play Need for Speed but the connection speed was a little choppy. Apparently I need to check my network and stop people from downloading all sorts of crap. Oh wait, maybe that was me.

Did I need a new iPad? No. Do I like the new iPad? Yes!

Seriously, this voice recognition is kick ass! Ha ha I made the computer write ass.


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