25% off Norton Internet Security 2012 or Norton 360 v6.0

I don’t know why Norton/Symantec does it this way, but it’s always cheaper to buy a new version of their app rather go through the renewal process. Norton Internet Security 2012 costs nearly $50, but you can buy a new copy from Amazon for $27. How does that make sense? In reality, I’m not buying a new version, I’m just extending the amount of time I can download virus definitions. It’s not like they’re actually "giving" me anything when I renew. But oh well, their choice. If it’s cheaper to buy the program again then so be it.

And that’s where we are, renewal time again. It’s time to keep the anti-virus apps up to date and keep the flaming toilet papers rolls of the Internet away from my machine. The Internet is not a Superhighway. It’s a pothole ridden backroad with ruts and ill-tempered dogs that want to eat you. It can be an ugly place. Prevention is the best medicine!

So, where to get a cheap copy of NIS 2012? That’s easy actually. You have two major choices, the Norton website itself, or Amazon. There’s really only a dollar difference. Strangely, if you go to the Norton site you can Norton Internet Security 2012 or Norton 360 v6.0 for the same price. They both come out to $29 and change with a coupon code.

Go to Norton site and use:

CPNPAL25NORTON – 25% Discount

CSHARESYM20 – 20% Discount

They both should work, but there’s two of them just in case.

You can also go to Amazon and get either the 3PC version ($27) or the Single PC version for $18. The 3PC version is a Digital Download while the other is an actual box. Again, kinda strange. But cheap prices no matter how you look at it.

I’ve been extremely pleased with Norton the past couple of year. It’s jumped in to intervene to keep me from making a mess of things. There are some ugly little programs out there. A couple of naughty sites too.

Seriously though, for less than $30 you will get some big league protection. You can go with free AV software if you want, but you get what you pay for.

As a side note, if you don’t already have a copy I would HIGHLY recommend getting SuperAntiSpyware to compliment your system protection. It has an odd name, but the software is extremely powerful. It stops undesirable programs from launching, stops toolbars and other useless web trinkets from loading and you can get a LIFETIME license for $20. For the price of a couple of those damn coffees you could completely protect your system for life. Nice deal.

Norton Internet Security from Norton.com

Norton Internet Security from Amazon.com

SusperAntiSpyware with Lifetime Updates


I found another link that truly offers Norton Internet Security 2012 for $34.99. When you add the 25% off coupon of CPNPAL25NORTON the total drops to $26.24. That’s a pretty sweet discount. So there you go, another avenue to get Norton Internet Security for a hefty discount.

Norton Internet Security 2012 – $26.24

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